Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Whut up Wednesday

Hey all, Nate here. How are things moving on everyone's end? It would be great to have a short update from folks so we can all be on the same page this week and next as we really start getting things progressing.

I have been working on a multitude of stuff from contacting organizations about partnerships in terms of relief assistance, to organizing campaign materials for the website, and to mail out or use in hard-copy form. I have also been trying to keep on top of a lot of the general issues Peter and I have been working out--I'm sure you have been getting asked a lot of questions, but things are really moving forward, and I think we're off to a great start.

I also wanted to highlight the work of a few people who have been especially helpful to me this week.

I have been emailing Jimmy like crazy trying to figure out a lot of the web issues, and these guys working on the site and keeping our tech stuff in order deserve huge thanks. A lot of what we're doing is web-based, so without them, we really wouldn't have much to refer people too.

Also, Allison has been doing a great job with fundraising, and she is very quick in responding to my random questions. Thanks a lot for all the work you have been doing; fundraising can be one of the most stressful tasks.

And of course I think we all need to highlight the work that Peter has been doing. He never ceases to amaze me, and next thing you know we're on the front page of the Monitor. Peter, you're not only like a brother to me after Uganda, but you're an inspiration to all of us.

Anyway, let’s keep motivated in the next few weeks and really get things moving as we have people heading into DC to really get the ball rolling down on capital hill. Thanks to everyone who has been working hard in the shadows too, I know you're out there doing great things. Keep us posted and continue your great work.

Cheers from Michigan,



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