Monday, June 13, 2005

Nate Update

Whut up U-CAN Team, Nate here. I just wanted to throw up a quick layout of what I will be accomplishing within the next few days.

1. searching out possible grant opportunities and revising the grant through some grant-writing contacts I have.
2. formulating materials that we can post on the website for distribution
3. mass emailing my school [grand valley] with information on the campaign
4. recruiting folks to jump on the UCAN bandwagon to volunteer and especially donate money
5. writing my own special interest story for local distribution
6. working on locating organizations within colleges/universities that we could possibly target as UCAN partners or at least sponsers.
7. formulating ideas for where our emergency relief money will go

Long hours ahead, but I'm confident that we are doing something amazing. we should really be proud of eachother, and i'll be the first to welcome you to a new chapter in the history of this horrific conflict. i really feel we can change things, and we're off to a great start.

Greetings from Michigan,



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