Thursday, June 02, 2005

Web site update

Just so everyone knows, the Web site will be officially up-and-running (rather than "experimental", which is what it is now) on or around June 7.

BJ is doing some design edits which should be done within 48 hours, and then Jimbo and I will need about 72 hours to do back end stuff, clean up CSS, put everything into php, fully integrate and tweak the blog, etc. (That's an optimistic timeline, but we promise to work hard).

When that is done, I will give everyone more info on exactly how they can interact / add content to the blog and site.

Then Jimbo, Me, Johnny and Scott will have a field day with the internet marketing side - so we're prolly looking at June 9 for the press release to hit the wires, if that's OK. Let me know.



Blogger Peter J. Quaranto said...

Great work, Andy and BJ and Johnny and Jimmy. Let me and others know specifically what you need from us and you'll have it ASAP.

4:10 PM  

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