Monday, July 11, 2005

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Kids, I'll keep it short.

1) I've added a women's issues category to the U-CAN blog... it seems we have had a high volume of posts on the particular problems/torture women face, so I think a category was merited.

2) WE NEED YOUR COMMENTS ON THE UGANDA-CAN BLOG. We need to draw readers into our online community -- but so far there IS NO COMMUNITY! There will only be community if we all read the blog every day, and post lots and lots of comments. Dont worry about sounding intelligent, just post post post!! We can't hope to build a large scale coalition with such little community interaction... the comments are a "little thing" but I think it matters.Please, please, go read the blog, and comment, and then do it again tomorrow!

Your friend,


p.s. I bought my ticket to DC :-)


Blogger Jimbo said...

I've also bought my ticket to DC! :)

1:05 AM  
Blogger Sebastian said...

I have this on my blog:
If you do not like the idea of children being abducted, murdered, and living in constant fear please click on the button:
[a href=""][img src="" alt="Stop the war in northern Uganda!" /][/a]

I'm sure you can find somebody with better graphic skills to make a few buttons, banners and nice looking HTML ads. Use different calls to action like "Blog the war in northern Uganda" and "Stop the abuse of children by the warlords in northern Uganda" etc etc. You need to hand out such stuff to get folks with all kinds of interests into linking to this campaign, and talkig about it. It should get somewhat branded.

1:24 PM  

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