Saturday, July 02, 2005

Back in Black.

Hey y'all. Sorry I have been offline for two days - I just got back in town after a family trip to Cape Cod.

I will write/email more tomorrow, but for now a couple quick updates/thoughts.

a.) With all the Live 8 and G8 talk, now is a great time to tell friends, family, local newspapers, etc. about how debt relief and aid won't solve all of Africa's problems. There needs to be peace and conflict measures too, such as intervention/action to resolve the war in northern Uganda. This is a good news peg for us - so let's use it. The ICG has already started doing this and I talked about it on BBC.

b.) NPR is doing a feature on the current realities of the conflict and political situation in Uganda, and I am going to be speaking on it Tuesday - some great coverage for us.

c.) So many people have told me or wrote to me about how much they love the website! Great work, Jimbo. But let's still be critical, if you think there are ways it can be even better at achieving our mission, bring them to the table.

d.) I am going to send out a mass email tomorrow calling for a push of volunteers and letters this week to Congress. If you have thoughts, write to me before tomorrow afternoon.

e.) If you have any ideas for things to go up on the blog of our website, email them to me. Soon others will have the capacity to post on the blog - but at the moment, it's just me, Jimbo and Andy.

That's all. Have a great holiday weekend!


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