Saturday, June 25, 2005

Yah all

I hope you guys are fine and well. Michael,Jamie and i came back from our assesment mission safely in northern uganda.We are still engaged with a few groups here as Michael and jamie get ready to come back over there.I am working on short report about that.

The trip was sucessfull and many people have welcomed the idea.People seem to be willing to help in our prgrammes but we have to come out on concrete terms regarding our project mandate and tasks.
Another thing is that we already have to get mainstreamed with other groups that could be willing to work closely with Ugandacan so that we have tangible credibility to push for more...
otherwise ,i am personly convinced that we are doing very well so far considering the fact that ugandacan is about one month old.People are talking about it already and lets keep the fire burning.
Thank you all for the hard work and time you put into ugandacan.


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