Thursday, June 16, 2005

Updates on this Thursday.

Some more updates on things -

a.) I wanted to introduce Meg Towle ( - Meg is going to be coordinating and launching our project to have high school chapters or partners of Uganda-CAN. She'll be writing soon with more on that.

b.) I am now talking with some of the leaders of the Genocide Intervention Fund (Darfur action group) and they are lobbying for a bill called the Darfur Accountability Act, which calls for a special envoy to southern Sudan, Darfur and northern Uganda. This is definitely something we can link up with.

c.) We need someone to take control of developing this idea of creation of a curriculum to be utilized in grade schools about northern Uganda, etc. Any idea of people? Anyone with any experience?

d.) I just put a link up on my blog ( about an article from UN IRIN about the prevalence of rape in northern Uganda.

e.) On Tuesday, John Prendergast gave a talk about peace in northern Uganda at the Woodrow Wilson International Center - I am working on getting my hands on the text.

More to come.


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