Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Updates from the birthplace of America.

Updates from Massachusetts, the birthplace of the nation -

a.) Paul has been working tirelessly on getting newspaper contacts all over the country, and tomorrow we are going to shower the press with editorials and press releases about Uganda-CAN.

b.) Alison has also been working tirelessly, and tomorrow, we will have at least two grants in the mail (asking for $12,000 total) with many more in the works. Also, we are launching tomorrow a big push of targeting religious organizations for donations. Lisa, who studied in Uganda with me, is approaching the Jewish community. I am asking the Catholics and Alison the Protestants. Anyone Muslim? or Buddhist?

c.) On the legislative/action front, lots is moving. I have made some good connections with lots of active people in D.C. whom Michael and I will meet with once we get there to start building a coalition of sorts. We are also going to start targeting Senator Brownback of KS as our initial supporter in Congress.

d.) The Monitor published an editorial that I wrote today - see http://allafrica.com/stories/200506201485.html.

e.) The UNAA (Ugandans in North America Assoc.) is holding a conference in Minnesota at the start of September, and I am asking them to let me speak about Uganda-CAN. Anyone want to go with me?

f.) Jimmy is doing lots of work on the website, which will we need some help with in the coming days. Keep checking it to see changes as they happen.

g.) Welcome to Christine McGlinchy, who is going to be our college/university coordinator. She will also be working to set up our fall university outreach tour.

h.) Michael sends his greetings from Uganda - he is well and has covered a lot of ground in just two weeks. He says thanks for the article in the newspaper there because it has gotten lots of people talking and given them legitimacy.

i.) I just wanted to get to i.

That's all for now. If possible, let's do a round of updates over the next day or two - just to see what people are up to right now. Goodnight for now.


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