Thursday, June 02, 2005

Updates and musings.....

Hey guys,

A few things:
1. I have work tomorrow, so I probably won't make the chat. I'll try though.
2. I think radio is medium we should look more into as far as getting access to media….I'm thinking college radio stations especially
3. Peter, I found a link to a testimony of a Human Rights Watch member to a US House sub-committee in 1999 about the LRA and Sudan's support of it.\
4. I gave a powerpoint presentation today to my sisters' high school Global Issues class about the causes/effects of the war, the US's role, and what we can do. The teacher; a young, creative, motivated lady and a good friend of mine, asked me afterwards what she could do to help. She's serious. Any initial ideas? I told her I'd get back to her next week or so, and will try to think of some stuff myself until then. She might be a good person to help with organizing NY groups into the campaign, and perhaps with organizing conferences at local universities.
5. Pete, I'm a bit confused about the language thing you mentioned (maybe I'm just tired). Were you suggesting using "northern Uganda" to refer to the region and "Ugandans from the north" to refer to people from that region? That seems inconsistent. Also, I think we should stick with "northern (NO capital, perhaps that's what you were saying) Uganda/ns" both because its more readable and it seems to be the most commonly used term. We definitely need to be careful of how language shapes perceptions and sterotypes though. Do you recall what people from the region actually referred to themselves as? I don't…..
5. About fundraising…. are donations tax-deductible? And if so, how do I ensure people of this and if they don't know how to go put it on tax forms or whatever, what do I tell them to do?

-Is it summer? Or am at school already? Oh, late nights with UgandaCAN!


Blogger Peter J. Quaranto said...

Paul, my suggestion was to refer to the region as "northern Uganda" - no capital N - and the people as "Ugandans from/in the north"...and on the tax-deductible donations, just tell people we are a campaign/project of Africa Faith and Justice Network, an established org with 501(3)(c) status...and there is definitely stuff for the teacher to do. we'll talk.

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