Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Summit

Michael and I were talking yesterday, and we think it is highly important to hold a summit or sorts sometime this summer that we could use as a planning session for action in the fall, a chance for everyone to meet each other and an opportunity to ask all the difficult practical and theoretical questions about where UgandaCAN is headed.

So, we are proposing a 2-3 day summit in Washington, D.C. This could either be the weekend of July 23-24 or July 30-31. What do you guys think? Could you make it?

AFJN would find us a place to stay (probably crowding into Michael's apartment) and for those of you that would need financial assistance, UgandaCAN could help (hoping that we have done some serious fundraising by that point).



Blogger Andy H said...

2 thoughts

1) Having it on a weekend will greatly increase several members' chances of attending

2) I think we need to have a bit more discussion about our budget. Specifically my own .02 is that the travel budget needs to be severely curtailed. As a 501c3, and as an organization with a mission of such gravity, I think we need to spend with a very WARY conscience. I also think we all need to make sacrifices, including financial ones (to the degree that we CAN, because I know each member's situation is different), to stretch our small budget every inch we can.

I also think we need to think about putting a much larger percentage of the budget into direct aid (after doing research on forms of direct aid that would be efficacious to our mission).

I've said my piece. And I may be wrong. If I am wrong, please respond.

9:44 PM  
Blogger pronan said...


those dates sound good to me; I like Boney's idea about self-sacrificing, esp. on travel. I'll be able to come (i think) as long as i can crash at somebody's place.

3:08 PM  

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