Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Summit Returns.

A little over a week ago, we proposed holding a SUMMIT in Washington, D.C. for one of the last weekends in July as a chance for all of us to meet each other, talk about the future vision of Uganda-CAN and strategize for the road ahead. Well, the more we become immersed in this project, the more essential the SUMMIT seems to become.

So, I need to know from all of you the following -

a.) Could you physically be in DC July 22-24 or July 29-31?

b.) How would you get there (air, car, bus, etc.)? Would you be able to pay your own way or would you need Uganda-CAN to subsidize (we are still trying to figure out our exact policy on this - it might be a 50-50 policy)?

And we would all be able to stay in Michael's house, so there would be no housing costs.

Let's discuss this and begin to make some decisions, because July is approaching rapidly.


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