Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Proto-Minutes of 5/31 meeting

Proto-minutes of 1st UgandaCAN Online Meeting 5/31/05
(Sorry if I don't know names!)
Peter Quaranto
Paul Ronan (Recorder….p.s. I’m new at this guys)
Michael Poffenburge

Chronological order of topics discussed:
A. General agreement on the quality of UgandaCAN’s (UC’s) Strategic Plan (SP)
B. Discussion of Website section of SP
1. Discussion of programming and back-end
2. Decision to integrate blog into website first
3. Blog Discussion
a. Decision to keep blogs short unless commissioned otherwise (150-300) words
b. Blog entries- UC member narratives, news stories, UC news, narratives from Ugandans
c. Decision that we should all canvass for news stories for blog, and that
they should include analysis Unclear: Who will analyze
d. Decision that Andy, Johnny, Jimbo, and Scott will market UC website
e. Decision that Peter and Paul will develop list of links to online reports and news sources; Paul will search for online northern Uganda (NU) news stories
f. Decision to create email addresses based on UC

C. Michael's trip to NU and what he should do
1. Talk with organizations and people to establish connections to UC; get contacts from Peter and Paul
2. Photo-journal…….

D. Discussion of official partner status of other organizations with UC
1. Benefits partnership offers other orgs
a. publicity, giving them a voice and footing in the US
b. tap in our network of volunteers
c. Unclear: whether partners will have voting power or influence on UC Decisions, and what kind of checks UC will have on their influence

E. UC Brochure
1. Brochure should be completed by end of June
2. Pictures from Peter, Michael, and websites
3. Johnny will work on brochure design and printing
4. 1000 single-color brochures cost 250$ Unclear: whether UC wants multi-color and its cost

F. Organizing
1. Decision that we need to provide resources for other groups
a. Organizing packets- background, why peace is possible, Americans' influence and potential for action Unclear: what else
2. Decision we need to compile master lists by state of orgs who UC can network with
a. Paul-NY, Peter-MA, Andy-OH, Johnny-MI
3. Potential actions
a. protests, virtual marches (call-ins) and way to sign up for it on website, etc.
4. Decision that UC needs defined positions (see Peter's blog)
5. Decision that UC needs women
6. Discussion of trying to get "Amy" involved

G. UC Logo
1. Should include UC name, maybe child-soldier image, concept of solidarity
2. Paul's sister and Amy might work on it

H. Fundraising
1. Decision that Johnny's shortened version of UC fundraising letter is good idea, possibly keep longer one for appropriate audiences
2. Paul will contact friend at Calvert Foundation about getting UC listed
3. Decision to finalize funding letter by Wednesday 6/1
4. Statement of goal of raising 20,000 for UC by 1 July
5. Johnny and Peter decide to work on grant template
Budget and Salaries
1. Peter and Michael will work on rough budget
a. do not include salaries
b. should be 75% program-related
2. Relationship with AFJN …
a. Unclear: (at least to Paul) whether salaries will have to go through AFJN, whether UC should incorporate, and whether UC incorporation would change
3. Unclear: How many salaried positions (3 was suggested)

to chatroom meet at 3pm eastern time Friday, June 3

Specific Tasks for UC members
-see Peter's blog


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