Friday, June 17, 2005

Notes from Today's Conference Chat

Here are a few notes from today's chat -

Meg is working on vision and structure for our high school outreach program, so email her with thoughts, ideas, questions at

Jimbo is working on the integration of our blog, which is taking a lot slower than expected because of technical difficulties. He'll keep us posted on its status. As soon as we have a blog, though, (which will be the mainpage of the website) we can post analysis and updates and action-alerts and news.

Some news coverage today - GO TO and look to right side.

Meg also questioned the one photo we have on the website, suggesting it could be exploitative under Red Cross Code of Conduct - so we are going to have three new rotating photos ASAP.

Nate, Paul and I are working on a short, comprehensive brief for Andy and Jimbo on changes and the future of the website. Email us with suggestions to add to the briefing. I decided on a briefing because that will make it easier for them as opposed to balancing all sorts of ideas.

Alison continues to lead our march to $20,000. I will have updates on our status on Monday. Please get out those letters personally to family, friends, random dudes - it is so vital.

A note - I also just send out an email for 300 people in 3 days for 3 minutes - asking people to invite friends, family and anyone to sign up for our emailing list. Please go hard with this and get names to Katie at

Finally, I reported on some great conversation I have had with people from World Vision, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty, AfricaAction, Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns and others who are really excited about our campaign. I also talked with the Genocide Intervention Fund (Darfur-focused), which really wants to work together for a regional push. There is a lot of potential there, especially as they are already pushing legislation in the House.

And that's the story today. Lots going on - please send in updates when you can. Or ideas. Thanks for a good week - lets make this weekend a good push to beef up our mailing list.


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