Friday, June 03, 2005

michael's updates for the day

A couple updates from me:

-Paul, great idea on the disposables, I'll bring some.
-Johnny, most churches/parishes also have social justice committees of some kind. That would be one avenue to use. Also, I don't know if its possible, but using chapters of Amnesty International would be awesome-- getting contact info could prove difficult, I'm guessing Amnesty holds those tightly.
-Reid Rector, a recent ND grad who will be living with me in DC and working on Uganda-CAN a couple days a week, worked for ND's development office. When we start getting serious about fundraising, we should talk with him about protocols and fundraising standards (, 410-624-8561).

AND, most importantly:

Two things I think we need to focus on for the next month while we develop our materials:

ONE: What is our image, our frame? Right now, the way we're headed, we'll appeal to college kids and recent grads who are already politically empowered and aware. How can we establish a greater connection to Darfur, and thus utilize those communities? How can we make this marketable to my parents? What broader values are we espousing that appeal to people? Who are our target audiences? What language are we using, and who finds it accessible? Why should anyone care?

TWO: Who else is out there working on this, and what potential exists for collaboration? Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time. Today I emailed Peter a list of contacts of organizations to discuss this with and see if they have materials or campaigns and if we can use their members.


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