Monday, June 06, 2005

Kicking-off the Week

Good morning and cheery Monday y'all.

First, an article that should definitely get posted on our blog and read by all of you from Uganda's Monitor newspaper - - "We Should Listen to Egeland on Northern Uganda."

Second, I wanted to quickly run through the tasks that need to be accomplished this week and those that are works-in-progress. I will put the names next to the task of people I think are working on this stuff.

Grant Proposal Template (Johnny, Pete) by Wednesday at 5
Functional Website (Andy, Jimmy, Johnny, BJ) by Wednesday at 5
Research on northern Uganda legislation (Alison)
Links organized and outlined (Alison)
State Orgs/Groups Searches (various organizers)
Finalize Mission Statement and About UgandaCAN write-up
Fundraising (need to kick this into high gear by end of the week)
Recent News Analysis (Meg Towle, Pete, Paul)
Contacts with Active Orgs in US on northern Uganda (Pete)
Contacts in Uganda (Michael [aka Peeder])

That's all I got at the moment. Let's shoot for a chat session on Thursday if that is ok - say at 3:00 to review the website and discuss the following two weeks or so. Thanks everyone for the work you do and are doing.


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