Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Individual Tasks for Week(s) Ahead

Two weeks ago, I found it really helpful when we wrote out the tasks that everyone was in charge of accomplishing and coordinating. I wanted to do that here. Please correct me if I make mistakes or leave anyone out.

Nate - developing organizing materials/resources (incl. brochure), coordinating our relief assistance donations, recruitment of volunteers
Volunteers working with Nate - (Rebekah Heacock - rheacock@ku.edu, Clare Feeney -cfeeney1@nd.edu, Jackie Burgess - jacksonb@gwu.edu, BJ Strew - wstrew@nd.edu)

Andy - continuing development of website, esp. working blog (Andy, do you need any volunteers to help with your stuff?)

Jimmy - continuing development of website, esp. working blog, help with development of email accounts and other technical affairs

Alison - coordinating research on legislative affairs and actions for Uganda-CAN, work on fundraising (Alison, do you need any volunteers to help with that?)

Jamie, Michael, Stephen - on the ground in Uganda, collecting stories and video and information, building partnerships

Meg - highschool partnership outreach program (I hope) and news coordination/analysis

Johnny - coordinating fundraising efforts (waiting to hear back if you're ok with that, Johnny), executing our fundraising strategic plan
Volunteers currently working on fundraising: (Alison - ajones4@nd.edu, Nate Bauer - inetnate@gmail.com, Me - pquarant@nd.edu, Caitlin Rackish - crackish@gmail.com, Jana Miller – jmille17@nd.edu)

Caitin - working closely with Johnny on our fundraising efforts, coordinating organizing/networking state search project (Caitlin, we need to talk about this)

Katie - coordinating volunteers (waiting to hear if she's ok with that) and recruitment

Paul - press work coordination, esp. local editorial project with newspaper directory and drafted editorial (Paul - let me know if you need volunteer help)

James - benefit concert in East Africa for Uganda-CAN (working with Erin - eklarive@yahoo.com)

BJ - working with Nate on development of brochure and non-web resources, working with Paul and I on drafting editorials for Uganda-CAN

Alright, well we have a quite a team now, eh? Good to have you all onboard and thanks for the hard work you're putting into this. Post your thoughts, updates, ideas, etc.


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Volunteers? Not unless anyone is a sweetass php programmer...

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