Friday, June 03, 2005

Idea! Attn: Michael

Hey guys,

Today as I sat substituting, I was reading an article in Smithsonian magazine about a photographer shooting in an Calcuttan red-light district. She had an idea to give brothel kids cameras and let them take pictures. It seems to have worked out well; the pictures are candid and capture scenes that a Western photographer never could have. Why not transplant the idea to northern Uganda? Would it be possible for Michael to take some disposable cameras with him, give them to camp members, and let them shoot? I like this idea for several reasons
a) its potentially empowering. People could take pictures, knowing they'd be used in a campaign designed to help them
b)It would capture scenes that we would not be able get because of our outsider identity and because of the fact we change the dynamics of a scene so much when we enter it.
c)It would raise their voices to the forefront of our campaign because they would be selecting what should be shot (although we would probably have to choose which pictures we posted, unless we developed them, went back to those that took them, and had them choose)
d)we could probably pay them, thus directly contributing to their welfare, which would perhaps allow them the dignity of recieving money for work, instead of handouts.



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