Saturday, June 04, 2005

Great Photos - check them out!

First things first - we got permission from Miss Goeril Trondenson Booth to use her photos of northern Uganda - see - the only thing is to remember credit and copyright, no manipulations of the picturesincluding colour and cutting. These will be great for the website and brochure.

Second, I really like Paul's idea because it is very empowering and we could highlight that our photos were taken by people in the camp who want our audience to see this.

And finally, my IDEA - as Michael rightly points out, we are only targeting socially-conscious college students and young people with our work thusfar. We need to break out of that to reach older people, little children and especially, families. So my rough idea is to create some sort of linkage where a family in the US would be connected to a family in northern Uganda. I am not sure the nature of this linkage, but it would really personalise the realities and allow people to feel connected to the realities. Christmas drives where a wealthier family buys gifts for a poorer family are always very popular - so why can't we use the same model (sensitive of course to dependency theory) with UgandaCAN.

One more thing - in terms of language, I would like us to start talking about people becoming part of Uganda-CAN or part of the Uganda-CAN family as opposed to helping or working or giving money to Uganda-CAN. I think that sort of language builds relationships, makes people feel better about their involvement and creates something more sustainable.

More come on this sunny Saturday.


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