Tuesday, June 07, 2005

End of the Day Updates from Pietro

Hey all. Hope everyone is well. I have received so many emails from different people over the last few days telling me how impressed they are with the start of the campaign and the website. So good work!

But we still have a long road ahead of us.

Some good developments today - I talked with Africa representatives at Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, and they both were really excited about the campaign. I also made a contact with a guy at the Comboni Missionaries, and he had me write a small piece on Uganda-CAN that he is going to feature in their newsletter that they send out at the end of the week. Finally, today I sent out a bunch of emails and calls to different African lobby and advocacy orgs in DC, along with a bunch of emails to prominent Ugandans asking for support and partnership. I'll keep you posted.

We also have recruited another batch of solid, committed volunteers - maybe 10-12 more to be exact.

One person whom I want to introduce for those who don't know her is Alison Jones, who is going to play a big role in the campaign in the coming months as our legislative consultant. Alison is a beautiful recent-ND grad from the school of political science. She is a C-SPANaholic hard-rocker who resides from the West Coast. She'll be weighing in on the blog in the coming days, and she has already done some great research on legislative stuff.

Finally, Johnny and I have basically finalized a grant proposal that can be adapted for different applications and opportunities. So now we need to look for those opportunities - everyone can help on this front because fundraising is so key to it all.

Tasks ahead for the rest of this week from my corner -

a.) Finalize a press release that we are going to send out to all Ugandan and East African news sources by Friday hopefully about the launch of the campaign.

b.) Work on fundraising by seeking foundations and grant opportunities - and then applying.

c.) Finish work on construction of website, so we can have it launched and functional by the end of the week.

d.) Seek statements of support from prominent US and Ugandan nationals for the campaign. Note: we already have such statements from Betty Bigombe (chief peace negotiator in northern Uganda), Hon. Norbert Mao (chairman of Great Lakes Parliamentary Forum for peace and security), Fr. Carlos Rodriguez (very famous Italian missionary in northern Uganda working for peace) and John Prendergast (special advisor to International Crisis Group on Africa).

Well, Tuesday's gone with the wind. More tomorrow.


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