Monday, June 13, 2005

Discussions for the Week

Good morning y'all.

Before I give a quick briefing on the coming week, I wanted to point out a phenomenal, moving multimedia presentation online by the LA Times -,0,1201731.flash?coll=la-home-headlines - check it out.

So now armed with a website, press release, mission and more, we have to hit the ground and the press and the money.

Discussions we need to have this week include a.) critique of website (where do we want to it go and how do we want it to develop?), b.) FUNDRAISING (developing effective strategy and delegating tasks), c.) Recruiting more volunteers, d.) Developing organizing materials that can be downloaded off website for distribution, e.) Legislative Approach and f.) PRESS.

In regards to those discussions, I will have by the end of the day - a.) a draft strategic plan for fundraising, b.) a draft strategic plan for volunteer recruitment/tasks, c.) a draft strategic plan for media and d.) a draft strategic plan for legislation. I will get them out to all of you and ask that you a.) make revisions and b.) take ownership over things that we need to do in the road ahead.

Now with a website, we need to get our name out there - start getting publicity and building partnerships. We use that coverage as we work to raise funds. And as we gain funds, we develop our action plan and the resources needed to execute it.

So more to come as the day rises and falls.


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