Thursday, June 09, 2005

BIG Things and Chat Session Tomorrow at 3:00

Couple big things -

a.) We are hoping to go live with the website tomorrow afternoon, so be sure to check it out and also direct your friends, family, etc to it.

b.) We will release a press release to Uganda-CAN to all Ugandan and East African media sources on Saturday. I am also writing an editorial to submit to many of the same media sources. If any of you also want to write editorials, now would be a good time to coincide with the press story. Let me know.

c.) I have not heard from some of you in about a week, so I hope you're alive. We have a few big needs that I want to focus on next week - MONEY (fundraising), relief assistance (how much we're giving and where we're sending it), brochures and Partnerships with other organizations. I really need help with all of these, especially the MONEY and the brochures.

d.) Let's stick with the 3:00 chat session tomorrow (eastern time) on AIM. If you will be there, IM me at pjqpeace5 sometime around 3 and I will invite you to the chatroom. It will be short, but we need to discuss a few of the issues in C.

e.) If anyone cares, I have still been updating my own blog with news stories regarding the war and some brief analysis -

That's all for now. Thanks to everyone who has been working so hard, especially Jimmy and Andy with the website.


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