Saturday, June 18, 2005

1. Summit 2. Fundraising Idea

Hey evereebody,

Hope you're all doing well. Well.....

1. I can make the summit, will drive, and can pay for my own travel expanses. I might bring some other people that I'm trying to get to work with Uganda-CAN.
2. Fundraising idea.... Once we know what organzitations and relief groups in Uganda we'd be supporting with the 50% of our budget, what if we put a list of them at the bottom of the fundraising letters (or on the online donation page) and let people check one they especially liked under a heading saying something like "I would like 50% of my donation to go to......". I think people might be more inclined to donate if they knew exactly where their money is going, and it would also to let allow people especially concerned about child soldiers, or women, or health to know their money would be going to that specific group.

Have a nice Father's Day....



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