Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tasks for the Next Two Weeks

Thanks to everyone who was able to chat today - I thought it was really useful to have a few of us together to discuss where where we are at and where we are headed.

And a reminder - we will have another group chatroom conference session at 3 eastern on Friday.

I think Paul is going to post proto-minutes soon, but I think I promised to outline people's basic tasks for the next two weeks or so -

Andy, Webmaster -programming and marketing of website, link optimization, set up blog and then donation elements on website, finalize press release for website, do research on activist/advocacy orgs and institutions/groups in OH

Paul, Policy Coordinator - write-up/clean-up a few pieces as initial blog entries, search for major news stories of last month relating to war and summarize, develop comprehensive list of links to any Uganda-related websites and esp. reports, group and orgs search for NY, recording of chat room meetings

Johnny, Operations Director - support web programming team, create template and commence work on brochure, do research on activist/advocacy orgs and other institutions/groups in MI, create grant template

Jimmy, Lead Programmer -programming and marking of website, link optimization, set up blog and then donation elements on website, get email addresses for all of us at our website

BJ, Web-designer - finish design of website, support work on brochure, activist/advocacy group and institution search in WA

Michael, Co-Director - get ready for Uganda, use time in Uganda to get video and photos and stories, use time in Uganda to establish partnerships with Ugandan orgs, draft partnership letter and draft rough budget, work on policy platform

Peter, Co-Director - write-up/clean-up a few piece for blog pieces, news analysis, organize reports on war, draft partnership letter for Uganda orgs, group search in MA, have finalized funding letter and draft budget by tomorrow at 5, work on policy platform

and for everyone -

1.) Fundraising - sent out our 2-page letter to everyone you know and people you don't know, look for grant applications

2.) Think of creative actions we can take to get people engaged and push our agenda on Capitol Hill (esp. think how we can gain media coverage)

3.) Recruit others who might be interested in working on the campaign

4.) News analysis

5.) When you finish your group search in your state, pick another one...

Thanks guys.


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