Monday, May 30, 2005


Peter left Seattle this morning under slightly different circumstances than was expected, so we did not have the time to draft a strategic plan-- one that would set the specifics of what is to be accomplished in the next two months, and also who can go about doing it all.

SO: if you all have ideas about various considerations, please post them. I'm thinking of six facets: development (fundraising), technical (web), material development (research and reports), organizing in the US (getting people involved), networking with Ugandans (key civil society players), and strategic coordination in DC so as to form relations with key actors and learn who should be the target of our campaigns (aka who has the most influence over this, what State Dept people set the agenda, etc.). If anyone has more ideas, or specific reccomendations within those categories, post.

ONE OTHER COOL NOTE: I dropped $1500 on a digital SLR camera yesterday (no interest credit card payments for a year...) so the pictures I bring back from northern Uganda (leave next Monday, gone until July 6, to DC July 11) had better rock some worlds.


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